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How to Take Care of a Newborn baby

How to Take Care of a Newborn Baby

How to take care of a newborn baby - Everyone loves kids, especially newborn. it is the responsibility of every parents to take care of children. After 9 months of pregnancy, when a woman gave birth to your child, then you have to pay attention to a lot of things which are very important for every newborn baby. After the birth of any newborn, it has to be taken a lot of attention because the newborn is very sensitive and they are very quickly infected so it very necessary. In this article, we will learn some basics things about how to take care of a newborn baby.

Care of newborn baby after delivery

For the first time on becoming parents or You may not be aware of many things on your first delivery. Immediately after delivery, the mother's milk is yellowish and thicker. This milk is called colostrums (also known as beestings or first milk). Colostrums is more nutritious than mature milk (maturity milk). First, consult any Feeding Expert in the hospital and understand how to feed the baby and how to take care of the baby. The family also help many small things to learn from them too. Do not allow more people to kiss the newborn because the newborn baby is very sensitive and they are very quickly infected.

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how to take care of a newborn baby

Tips to handling newborn baby

  • Always wash your hands with soap or hand wash after doing any other work to newborn. The children's immune system is not as strong. That is why the child is afraid of having an infection by touching the dirty fingers.
  •  Holding the neck of the newborn baby, because their neck develops well after a few months of birth.
  • While raising the child, keep holding his head and neck properly, as if you are giving support to them. 
  • Do not shake the child loudly, it is the risk of blood clotting in the child's head.
  • Do not push the fan firmly during the child's sleep because it is difficult for the newborn to breathe.
  • Learn how to keep the newborn in a soft and warm cloth. this makes the child feel safe. Wrap the baby up to 0-2 months. This does not affect the child's climate change much.

Newborn baby sponge bath

After the baby is born, give the baby a sponge bath for a week. Sponge bath best for baby to avoid getting the cord stump wet. Here is tips best baby wash for a newborn.

Best baby wash for newborn

Following these step by step guide for wash your newborn.

  • You will need a bowl of warm water(make sure water is not hot), a towel, cotton wool, a fresh nappy and clean clothes.
  • Hold your baby and lay them on changing mat.
  • Take a cotton wool, dip in water and wipe gently around your baby's eyes from the nose outward, using a fresh piece of cotton wool for each eye. Because if you use the same cotton wool it can transfer any stickiness or infection from one eye to another.
  • Take a fresh piece of cotton wool to clean your baby's ears,but not inside them. Do not use cotton buds to clean inside your baby's ears. Wash or sponge your baby's face, neck and hands in the same way and dry them gently with towel.
  • Remove the nappy and wash your baby's bottom and genital area with fresh cotton wool and warm water. After that clean with towel and dry it and put on a clean nappy.

Newborn feeding

  • Whether the newborn should be bottle or breast-milk, feed the child according to hunger.
  • When children feel hungry, they cry and fill their fingers in the mouth.
  • While feeding, it is very important to pay attention to a lot of things, for six months, the baby should be fed mother's milk only.
  • Before using milk powder for the newborn, keep in mind that it has a special amount and how to make it, only after reading the instructions on the milk box.
  • Take care of these things before feeding the bottle
  • Make a fresh milk for baby. Do not store the milk which is left in bottle.
  • Every time when you feeding your baby. Wash the bottle with boiled water.
  • Feed the baby after every three hours, or when hungry then.
  • Always give bottle feeding to the baby at 45 degree angle. The baby is not sucking if the bottle is empty.
How to diaper newborn baby

  • Always take care of the baby's cleanliness, especially the diapers, always use a good company's diaper for the baby.
  • Keep changing the diaper every three hours because the child may have a urinary tract infection if he is too wet. After opening the diaper, wipe the inner part well with the wipes.
  • If the skin is scratched or rashes for long lasting diaper use. Do not use diapers and apply diaper rash cream on baby skin.
  • If the baby's stomach is bad then keep in mind change the diapers as soon as possible.

Precautions with newborns

Dehydration - more than three times a day when the diaper is wet, more sleeping and dry mouth.
Bowel movement problems - If there is no cleansing for two consecutive days after birth, then white feathers come in the pan, fever coming

Respiratory problems - If the child is having trouble breathing, is blown or the baby's chest is dragging fast.

Jaundice - If the child's chest, body and eye, nail color is too yellow, contact the doctor.

These are some simple information related to a newborn.If there is any unusual thing or movement in the baby, contact the doctor immediately.

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