Friday, October 19, 2018

How Much Sleep Do You Need By Age

Everyone like to sleep. While sleep requirements vary slightly from person to person.  Often you hear that sleep less than body needs is dangerous for health. The body also needs sleep according to the age. Our body is tired all day while working every day. In such a circumstance, we require rest to recapture vitality and freshness. Today we will know how much sleep is good for us.

Newborn (0-3 months) - Newborns sleep a lot typically up to 16 to 17 hours a day. Babies need more sleep because their organs develop faster, which requires a lot of energy.  The newborn should take 14-17 hours of sleep every day. Although 11-13 hours of sleep is enough for him but younger infants are not recommended to sleep for more than 19 hours.
Infant (4-11 months) - Babies are advised to sleep for 12-15 hours. Younger infants need at least 10 hours of sleep. However, such small infants should not be more than 18 hours. By this age the child starts doing many types of activities, so his sleep becomes a little less.

Small children (1-2 years) - For short children, sleepiness is recommended for 11-14 hours. Usually, children of this age sleep more than 10 hours. Research suggests that sleep for 9 to 16 hours is enough for children of this age.
Young children (3-5 years) - Children from 3 to 5 years usually go to school and participate in various activities there. Therefore, for such children, 10-13 hours of sleep is advised. Although, till this age, children are addicted to cartoons, films, games etc. due to which they sleep less. But in any case, the parents of children of this age should definitely be able to sleep for 10 hours.  
Children (6-13 years) - Some older children (6-13 years old) are advised to sleep for 9-11 hours. For these, less than 7 and 11 hours of sleep are not considered correct. Children begin to give time in physical and mental activities by this age, so at least 8-10 hours of sleep is essential for them.
Teenager (14-17 years old) - Adolescence (14-17 years) has been advised to sleep for 8-10 hours. In adolescence, children are physically more active. Along with this, gradually many changes occur in his body and hormones, thereby bringing them adolescent qualities. Such children must sleep at least 7-8 hours.
Adult (18-25 years and 26 to 64 years old) - 7-9 hours for adults (18-25 years) have been advised but they should not be less than 6 hours and not more than 11 hours. Elderly (26-64 years) has been advised to sleep like adults.
Elderly (over 65 years) - 7-8 hours of sleep advice has been advised for the elderly (over 65 years). They should not sleep for less than 5 hours and not more than 9 hours. So you too sleep for your age.
NSF(National Sleep Foundation)  experts have given many suggestions for good sleep too.
  • Take a healthy diet.
  • Avoid Alcohol and tea-coffee.
  • If possible do exercises every day.
  • Use of comfortable mattresses and pillows.
  • Close electronic devices before sleeping.

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